Buying Property with Harrisons Residential

How to find your perfect family home

When house-hunting for the perfect family home, it’s only normal to want to visit as many properties as you can before finding the “right one.” However, you should really limit yourself to a selection of houses in order not to dilute the effect each house has on you.
This is where Harrisons Residential’s excellent estate agents come in. We will take all the hard work of finding relevant properties away. Simply register your house requirements with us and we will notify you as soon as a new property becomes available, taking into account your needs, budget and lifestyle. We will be able to show you a selection of houses and help you narrow down the amount of potential homes.
The final decision will always remain yours, so if you’re struggling to decide between two great houses, here are some tips to help you make the right choice.

Trust your instincts

You’re looking for a home, where you and your family will live, so trust your instincts. The heart should weigh in when it comes to this decision. After all, it’s not only a practical choice, it needs to reflect what you think makes a great family home. In other words, ask yourself if you can be happy in this house.

Consider your lifestyle

You need to find the right balance between your head and your heart when it comes to buying a house. It’s not because a house looks stunning and makes you think “I’ll be happy here” that it is the right house. Remember why you’re moving and what you need in your new home. Is it an easy commute, with access to a train station? Is it close to schools, shops and leisure facilities? Make sure you take your lifestyle into account. A house in the middle of the countryside sure carries the potential of quiet and relaxing weekends, but if there aren’t any schools around, it might make your morning school run difficult every morning.

Remember the market moves quickly

When a property fits people’s needs, rather than their wants, it will sell quicker than normal and you need to make a decision as quickly as the market moves. When you visit a lot of houses, it makes it harder to choose between different properties, because you’ll keep comparing them. So, here’s our advice: decide in essential requirements. Once you find a few properties that meet these needs, let your instincts guide your decision.

Don’t forget we’re here to make this process as easy as possible, so contact us today if you need help finding your perfect family home in Sittingbourne.