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Harrisons Residential scope of operations spans the Medway Towns and Swale area, and because they are a local firm, they can bring you all the latest property news and offers as it happens. Check back regularly to see what's going on around you.

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  • Offers in Context

    When you market your property, you will naturally want to achieve the highest price today's market will pay. But how do you know what this is?

  • Change for the better

    It is often said that people don't like change. Don't you believe it! They love it. Why else do we constantly upgrade our mobile phones, why do we eat at a variety of restaurants, why do we always want to see the latest films or drive the newest car? Because we like change! Or rather improvement.

  • Ask an Expert

    As you look through the pages of most property-related newspapers and magazines, you are likely to come across one survey or another that seeks to prove how various property improvements add a certain percentage to the value of a property.

  • Making Moving Easier

    Moving day can be stressful enough, but a bit of forethought can go along way.

  • The Right People

    Despite the fact that many people regard estate agents as more or less the same, there are in fact numerous selection criteria on which to judge the good from the bad, and the exciting from the mildly indifferent.

  • What is a Covenant?

    Covenants are a form of legal obligation that is binding on the owner of a property and passes from owner to owner whenever the property is sold.

  • A Qualified Agent?

    It seems amazing to us that almost anyone can open up an estate agency and commence trading without any training, qualifications, proof of minimum standards, or certificate of competency.

  • How to avoid being Gazumped

    You've made an offer on a property. You might have had to negotiate a bit, but that's OK because this is your perfect home and you can't wait to move in.

  • Selling an Unmodernised Property

    Last week's article focussed on issues to think about when buying a unmodernised property.  However, sellers of also be careful when considering the sale of a property in need of renovation.

  • Buying an Unmodernised Property

    There are about a dozen property related programmes on TV every week.  Some of these track the progress of a wreck to a finished home, or at least highlight a property's potential.

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