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Harrisons Residential scope of operations spans the Medway Towns and Swale area, and because they are a local firm, they can bring you all the latest property news and offers as it happens. Check back regularly to see what's going on around you.

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  • Home for Baby

    Becoming a family is probably the greatest motivator for a move.

  • Partners

    When the time comes to sell your home it is important to ensure that you entrust the sale to a reputable estate agent if the stress is to be minimised.

  • Children

    Moving home can be stressful enough for adults,

  • Portals

    Most buyers use the internet in their search for a home, so you need to be sure that your property is found and promoted quickly and easily. It is therefore important that your agent subscribes to the most effective property portals because this is how buyers are directed to your property.  



  • Quick Tips

    First impressions are not only important when selling your home, they are absolutely critical.

  • Independence Day

    Last years jubilee festivities probably came as close to a celebration of Britishness as we are ever likely to see again. Of course the Americans, on the 4th July each year, really go to town on celebrating their national pride on Independence Day.

  • Things are looking up in the housing market - NAEA

  • Accept the Offer?

    When you are planning to move house it can be tempting to accept the first buyer who comes along with an attractive offer.

  • Should your house have sold?

    We are often asked to look at properties that really should have sold, but haven’t, and we understand the disappointment of vendors whose experience of the sales process has fallen short of their expectations. 

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