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We are independent Estate Agents in Sittingbourne and Rainham, helping people buy and sell property. Our aims remain the same today as when we started out, to make moving home as easy and as stress free as possible. The ethic is very simple. Treat the house as a commodity and treat the sellers as clients to be looked after every step of the way. It’s surprising how many estate agents don’t do this.

Once Harrisons Residential have been instructed to act for you the property particulars are uploaded to the internet and details are made ready for both local and national press. Harrisons Residential are one of the few Estate Agents who still operate a full mailing list, and full colour details of your property will be posted to waiting buyers.

Harrisons Residential will do their best to make sure that prospective buyers are genuine.

The home straight is in sight

Don’t underestimate the importance of the layout of furniture in each room. Yes, it’s a chore, but it really is worth it.

In addition to preparation of the house itself, gather together a portfolio of paperwork that any serious potential buyer may very well want to see. Gas, electricity bills etc., plus any guarantees for damp proofing or other remedial work that has been undertaken.

The big hello

When your prospective buyer turns up to view welcome them in. It’s a good strategy to start at the least desirable part of the house and finish at the most desirable because you’ll leave them with the most favourable impression of the property.

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