Harrisons’ Top Tips to sell your house

We’ve gathered our top tips to help you sell your property quickly. You’ve probably seen and heard some of them on one of the more popular interiors programmes on the TV. But most of them are common sense.


The Home Straight Is In Site


Don’t underestimate the importance of the layout of furniture in each room. Yes, it’s a chore, but it really is worth it.

Once you have rearranged your furniture, don’t forget to gather important paperwork, such as gas or electricity bills. Potential buyers may be interested in reviewing bills before making an offer. Having the paperwork ready will save you some precious time! If you have undertaken any work in the house, make sure you have any paperwork related to this available as well.

Selling Property Guide

Let us do the viewings


We are the experts and believe in doing the job fully. You won’t have to worry about presenting your property’s best feature, we will take care of everything. Plus it removes the stress and buyers tend to relax more with us doing the viewings.

Property Viewing Sittingbourne

Maintain the garden

Properties with Gardens Sittingbourne

Make sure your home is as tidy as possible

Property Cleaning

Try to leave a car parking space for the viewer

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Create the right atmosphere (fresh brewed coffee and cut flowers)

Property Selling Tips

Not everyone likes pets

Selling your house guide

Plan to keep children amused while a viewing is in progress

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Be prepared for short notice visits

Time Preperation

Create an air of serenity

Property Scerenity

Have answers ready for the inevitable questions

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Try to be positive about everything

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